The curiosity has always been a very important and amazing abstract in the world, so called universe. It has created it but it has been the reason for us to go on, to discover more, to dig more and to get more and that’s why how we are here, in our future!

Let’s have mini test to make ourselves believe its power. Open any search engine and type “what if”, and you will find each and every question asked that you already had in your mind. It doesn’t see age, group or status. We all are born curious and should be, it can be reason of the amazing or adventurous turning points in your life.

BUT, What if you lied to your boss and lose your job?

What if you failed in your exam you have been preparing for long time?

What if you buy a car and meet with an accident?

What if you lose your documents on a business trip?

What if you get ditched in a relationship?


Well, think about it, these and many such questions wander in your mind whenever you do something new or different, any day or everyday. These are the barriers for a change and a change is never good or never bad, it is just meant to be right for YOU!

There are obviously always gonna be the bad sides of every coin, and unfortunately we are attracted towards the thought of bad one only. Keep it little strange from now, or different, let’s think about the positive side. How every deed can be beneficial for you, how you can bring good in everything you face, and see how choosing this can be a turning point in your life.

Lying for something good will not make you suffer for long, not even boss or job!

Failing in exam benefits you experiencing the exam!

Buying the car can buy you your dreams or luxury!

Fear of documents should not affect your peace at business trip!

Ditching may be the part which may help you make right choices!


When you feel scary to jump, this is exactly when you jump, otherwise you keep staying at the same place forever.